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Brooklyn Anyone?

Hello everyone who reads this!
my name is meimi and i'm semi new to nyc. i say semi new because i been going to school here on and off for about 2 years now and i think this year i'm here to stay.
so heres the part i tell you all about myself.
well i'm 22
live and love brooklyn
love love love love live music and music in general. it is my life. can't go anywhere with out my ipod.
try to go to concerts a lot when i have money or people to go with.
take pics of odd things around the city
wander around at odd hours of the night.
brooklyn promenade = <3
love roof tops and swing sets late at night
i'm silly and fun and dont care what you look like or what you wear.
i love meeting new and fun people. as long as they are nice and not douchy.
i don't really update that much but i do read it every day
so add me :)
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