helicopterland (helicopterland) wrote in add_ny_ljers,


She spills everything she's hidden
out onto the hardwood floor
And watches you watching her
trying to get out the back door

She is confused and grieving
all of the things that she's done
It's one of those days where you wake up
And one plus one equals none

So it's the end of our affair
The end of our tiny white charade
I was the beaten down piano
And you were the piece that was played

And you were like my mirror
Reflecting all I couldn't feel
Answering every question that I asked
And proving that living's a big deal

But I was unavailable to give
All the love I gave so easily to you
Attention that I can't hold back
That seems to melt into truth

And what can I be but your vision
Of all that I wish you would make me be
But I'm just a pathetic excuse of a woman
And this is our reality

So it was nothing more than a moment
In perfection that I'd gladly give again
A guilt filled attraction that grabs me
And takes my heart to it's ends

And what can I do but let go
Of what it is that you make sound so great
I have made choices and I must live up to them
But you will never be a mistake

Kathy from the lesbian dating community
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