your heart is my piñata (mizaya) wrote in add_ny_ljers,
your heart is my piñata

Hello, my name is Mihael~ I am one of the 8,274,527 people in Manhattan and absolutely love it. I am currently a forensic psych major but am trying to transfer into FIT or Parsons to major in fashion design since that career path fits in more with my plans for life.

I have a girlfriend (if homosexuality bothers you, look elsewhere) and I'm absolutely in love with her. We are moving in together soonish and plan on getting married. We want to own an apartment here in Manhattan and a ranch in Wyoming. My relationship with her is a big part of my life so she comes up in my posts a lot. Sometimes I post about sappy things that only people in couples and hopeless romantics like to hear.

I'm very nerdy but also very girly. I absolutely adore anime, Harry Potter, video games, internet memes, and Lord of the Rings. But I also love fashion, cosmetics, shoes, rainbows, and other things typically associated with people who have two X chromosomes.

I do things like run through Times Square singing lyrics from bad boy bands. I convert popular songs into proper Olde English. I believe that Shakespeare was a sadist who wrote his plays for the sole purpose of torturing high school students for years to come.

If I sound like someone you'd like to add, comment here or on my friends only post! I'll add you back. But please, be active and actually interested in getting to know me. I like to know the people on my friends list, not just have them as numbers.
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