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I am just coming back to LJ after a long hiatus due to Facebook sucking me in and becoming all-consuming. I still use FB, but have decided that I miss having this outlet. I'm looking for some people who will read my entries, comment when they have something to say that's worth saying, and above all, not be judgemental of me or my thoughts/ramblings. My journal is friends only, and for a good reason. Ask and I'll tell you about it. Therefore, if you want to read anything you'll have to add me first. Then if you don't like me or my writing, you can always unfriend me. Here's some random stuff about me:

-38 years old. Still young enough at heart to be able to relate to peple in their 20's, but absolutely not ANYONE under 18.
-Classic cartoon fan. Nothing (almost) made after the mid 1980's. and definitely NO ANIME!! My wife likes anime, and I can't figure out the appeal for the life of me. All the characters look the same. I can't tell what show she's watching by looking at the characters because they all look aloie. Same pointy chin and HUGE round eyes. Asian people don't have round eyes, so why are they drawn that way? I just don't get it.
-Music geek. I listen to a wide variety of music but there are a few things I will not listen to or discuss. Techno, MOST rap, that garbage that passes for R&B these days, "House" music, boy bands, pop music, that crap that passes for Punk Rock these days are among those things. The music I like the most is classic rock, jam bands, jazz, orchestral music, old school country music, classic R&B (ie early Motown, the Philly Sound, etc.), some of my favorites can be found listed in my interets on my info page. I don't care if our musical tastes differ. I do, however, talk about music a good bit, and it will help if you are at least familiar with something outside the top 40.
-I write about a wide range of things, from random musings to political rants, to music, what I did today, things that bother me, etc. I do the occaisional quiz or random meme if I'm bored enough. They are usually behind a cut to save your friends page.
-I am a democrat, but I am not as liberal as most democrats are.
- I am from New York. As such I am passionate about my sports teams and the rivalries thereof. Therefore if you are a Red Sox fan or a Dodgers fan, you're going to hate me during baseball season. Period.
-I hate people who TyPe LiKe ThIs or ay "ur" when they mean "your" or "you're" or use the number 2 or 4 in place of a word. If you do that, don't add me. It bothers me no end, and I WILL call you out on it for being either uneducated or just plain lazy.
-I am a good listener when you have something you want to talk about and I will always offer advice if you need it, and I'm not one of those people who gets insulted if you don't take my advice.
-I am looking to get to know people, not just add people to a list like a name collection. If you are looking to add me to a collection and have no intention of interacting with me, don't bother.

I dunno what else to say, so if you want to know more, just ask.
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