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Hey y'all! My name's Holly-Renee (pick one name or the other, I use both - don't ask, it's confusing), I'm 20 years old, and I just moved to Brooklyn from Tampa, Florida. A week ago, in fact. I added about every single NYC-related community because, well, I only REALLY know one person around here, so I'd like to find out what the hell's going on around town!

A bit about me: I managed to find myself a job up here, working as a canvasser (possibly community organizer when my training period is up) for ACORN. I'm already opinionated and interested in social justice, I might as well make a living out of shouting from my soap box, right? So that takes up most of my time. Monday through Friday, I work 3-9pm, so I get more accomplished during the day. I can't wait for tomorrow!

I am a music geek. I put as much emphasis as possible on the word. I started a music blog with five other folks called eclecticsix, so I'm always thinking about music if I'm not listening to it. I tend to lean more towards the garage/punk side of rock and roll, but I really am one of those people who listen to EVERYTHING. Here's my last.fm profile, take a look! It's actually taken some time for me to realize that I will run in to people in the city who like the same obscure music as I do. If you like the Dirtbombs, you probably need to be my best friend (although my BFF here already likes them, it's always fun to have more around!)

I also dig art (I still need to go to MOMA) and literature an awful lot. Although, like I said, I'm a music geek, so much of the books I read have to do with music. Haha.

So... feel free to add me! I don't bite. And I'm pretty rad. I should just put some testimonials up here from friends.
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