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This community is another one of those ‘add me’ communities, but this one is for people in NY.
You don’t have to be live in NY to be part of the community, but have a passion for talking to people from NY or have lived here at some point in time. Or be madly in love with everything NY. If you live in the tristate area (NY,NJ&CT) you can join too, cause you probably club out in NY.

Oh the Rules... the fucking rules

  • Any pictures are to be behind an LJ cut. If you forget, I'll tell you once, twice and then I'll delete your post, especially if the pictures/text is too long & not work safe.

  • Don't spam, only mention your community in your intro post, other than that, don't do it, it will be DELETED. Here's an example of the only proper way to promote your community:
    "Hey I'm so and so, check me out... also check out my blah blah site/community" Anything other than that will be canned! So will be any memes, quizes or posts not related to the community.

  • Respect eachother and all that jazz... we're all adults here, we don't need kindergarden rules.

  • New York bashing, I know you people exist, but this isn't the place for you.

Your moderator is selena_j
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